So What's the Deal?


Smart Matter is a resource for designers who want to build sustainability into how they work and how they get their projects produced. It came out of a desire to inspire University of Washington design students to think differently throughout their creative process, but has expanded to include practical information which any designer (student or professional) will hopefully find helpful. If you have information or ideas to contribute, please get in touch!

Thanks to some outstanding people

Designers who bent their heads around materials for the original Creating The Future Gallery.
Jason Campbell
Josh Hayward
Jessica Katona
Cassie Klingler
Alanna MacGowan
Dominic Muren
Benjamin K. Shown

Useful know-how:
Sarah Bergmann
Dominic Muren

Website design special thanks:
Cassie Klingler
Jessica Katona

Glen & Alison Milliman, for the University of Washington School of Art grant to get this project off the ground.

Stella Color, for generous donation of goods, services and know-how for the Creating The Future materials gallery.


Kristine Matthews

Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design, University of Washington
Seattle Washington USA

Kristine is also director of Studio Matthews a Seattle design firm specializing in sustainably designed exhibitions, installations, campaigns and print pieces.